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A new charity established in 2006 to rescue and house homeless cats in Israel.We are a non-commercial organization, i.e. we are all volunteers, who are "fed up" seeing the everyday sights of hundreds of homeless cats roaming the streets or laying dead by the wayside in Israel.

All funding and donations received are used only on the upkeep and the welfare of the cats.Approximately a quarter of the cats currently at the sanctuary are kittens which we are systematically spading and neutering before either releasing into our larger enclosure or finding them adoptive homes.We are home to approximately 450 adult cats.

As we rely solely upon funding and donations we are constantly on the lookout for new financial sources.Our policy is not to put the animals down - if the cat is sick we arrange medical care, if the cat is elderly or disabled in some way, we make sure he or she is content in their new home at the sanctuary.To offer a home to any cat who needs one, be he or she old, young, healthy or injured - we aren't prejudiced we love them all.

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